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We offer 50 L, 1/6 barrels and 1/4 barrels.

You can taste our delicious brews at Chiefs Brew House and Brave Bull.

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Beer List

Beer Runs Through It
ABV 6.5%
Cold IPA, a new take on the classic NW IPA. Pilsner malt with rice to lighten the color and body. Cold fermentation with ale yeast subdues ester production allowing the hop aromas to stream through. Brewed with Bravo, Chinook, Citra and Comet hop hash, this one will have you running back for more.

Black Mask Stout
ABV 6.9%
Not just for the cooler months of winter, Chiefs stout is brewed for year round refreshment. The darkest roasted malts summon a mellow, bitter sweet fruitiness, enjoyable as iced coffee with the satisfaction only beer can provide.

Chiefs Amber Ale
ABV 6%
Malt forward with caramel and toffee notes, balanced with citrus and flower hop, Chiefs Amber is the perfect accompaniment to the food, BBQ and burgers found on our menu.

Droptine IPA
ABV 7.2%
Chiefs most popular blend of Northwest hops with citrus characteristics that are light, crisp and refreshing. Slightly sweet maltiness is balanced with Simcoe, Citra and Centennial hops making this clean finish an easy drinking IPA.

Grass Seed Lager
ABV 5.5%
Styled as the great American Lager and brewed with ryegrass from the grass seed capital of the world. A lager perfect for a hot summer day in the Willamette Valley with a floral aroma and taste with a smooth finish.

Hayseed Hazy IPA
ABV 6.1%
Brewed with local grass seed, corn, oats and wheat for softness. Mega hopping in the whirlpool with Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe, yields a dramatic fruitiness without being bitter. The heavy use of unmalted grains lends a haziness like the hottest summer days, without the murk often associated with this beer style.

Party like it’s 1491 Pale Ale
ABV 6.5%
Pale in color not in flavor, our Pale Ale is brewed balanced with hops in the nose, not on the tongue. Subdued bitterness keeps this beer true to its West Coast origin while showcasing the hops we love in the PNW.

Runs with Hops IPA
ABV 6.8%
This IPA showcases a plethora of Northwest hops giving citrus and tropical fruit aromas. With notes of evergreen with enough sweetness to balance the hop flavor.

Wheatermelon Hefe
ABV 5%
Our ode to summer is a Hefe like no other. Wheat and melon create a refreshing expression, quenching thirst with impression, we’ve brewed your next beverage obsession.

Wheat Taste Fantastic Hefe
ABV 5.2%
A Northwest style wheat beer with light citrus notes, adding two distinctive malts and featuring Czech and Saaz hops.

Stands in the Way Red IPA
ABV 7%
Chiefs paean to the Pacific Northwest, Stands in the Way, balances American & German malts with hefty doses of old school Willamette Valley hops to satisfy malty and hoppy beer lovers alike.

Yeti For a Beer?
ABV 5.5%
A simple light bodied ale with a fruity aroma. Made with nugget hops producing a bright golden color.

Each Brew is a Work of Art

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